Tiffany Marie Delorme celebrated her international directorial debut
                                with Magnolia's In Spring; a unique film dedicated to the people of
                                New Orleans. Magnolia's In Spring premiered at the Cannes Film
                                Short Corner 2007. It was also officially selected for the Southern
                                Wind Festival, LA Shorts Festival, 32ndAnnual American Indian
                                Festival, and the LA Skins Festival. Tiffany’s movie project, Until I
                                See You Again,
is in advance stages of development with French
                                actress Josiane Balasko and actor George Aguilar onboard. Tiffany
                                recently signed a deal with a Los Angeles production company to
                                sell a network Reality Show concept she created. She's
developing and producing projects aimed at television, film and the independent market globally. Tiffany has served in many capacities of the entertainment industry - Co-Producer (2001-2003) on the critically acclaimed TV. Series Alias, created by JJ Abrams and Co-Producer (1998-2002) on Felicity also created by JJ Abrams. Tiffany is an Emmy nominated Writer/Producer/Director for Santa Monica: A Community That Cares -The Gift of Life” and First Americans in the Arts 2004 Recipient of “Outstanding Achievement in Producing Award”.  She’s a member of the PGA, DGA, WIF, ATAS, IDA, FILM Independent, SAG and AFTRA.

Contact information: Tiffany DELORME 310 710 7222
Projects in Development

• Until I See You Again
  (Screenplay - Advance
• Delorme - Reality
  TV Projects
• Man of the People

  (Screenplay - development)
• Minuet
  (Children's Special)
• Buchanan's Beat
  (TV Drama)
• Approaching Zero

Completed Projects

• Magnolia's In Spring
  (Lyrical, poetic, romantic
  drama: memoirs of a
  French Creole-Choctaw
  woman screened at the
  Cannes Film Festival
  Short Corner 2007)
• Santa Monica: A
  Community That
- The Gift Of
  Nominated Documentary
"Life is more than we could imagine and often
times beyond any dream we could dream..."
Tiffany Marie Delorme is developing and producing projects aimed at television, film and the independent market globally.
Visit this section to explore and find out more about some of Tiffany's latest projects.
• Magnolia's In Spring

• Approaching Zero
  (under construction)

• The Adventures of Praline and
   Her Imaginary Friend Angile
  The Baby Blanket Book For
   Babies All Around The World
  Poetry In Motion-Poems,
   Prose, Fables and Song

• Get With It (Kids Show)